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dvg: It's sunny here now, but there's a storm acomin'...starting tomorrow through to Friday, 3 inches of rain expected! Jun 17, 2019 18:10:44 GMT *
fredg: That's a lora lora rain Jun 18, 2019 18:14:44 GMT
dvg: Well, we didn't get the whole 3" of rain predicted, but we did get almost two inches of it... Jun 21, 2019 18:52:48 GMT
dvg: ...enough to almost fill the 1200 gallon rain barrel... Jun 21, 2019 18:54:11 GMT
dvg: The pressure from that tank will be good now, coming out of a short garden hose, so it fills watering cans and other containers in jig time! Jun 21, 2019 19:06:18 GMT
dvg: Today's the summer'll have to stay up late to howl at the moon! Jun 21, 2019 19:50:43 GMT
fredg: :D Jun 21, 2019 20:53:26 GMT
dvg: On hands and knees, i crawled to the edge, Jun 24, 2019 18:19:55 GMT
dvg: thrust my head forward, to honor my pledge, Jun 24, 2019 18:20:47 GMT
dvg: unzipped the veil, where wisdom lies hid, Jun 24, 2019 18:21:32 GMT
dvg: parted this world: to be One amid... Jun 24, 2019 18:22:25 GMT
dvg: The truth's found here, the mystics alleged... Jun 24, 2019 18:23:12 GMT
dvg:'s here in our hearts, where our wings are fledged Jun 24, 2019 18:24:04 GMT
fredg: I wonder why there's no complaints about a shortage of rain water Jun 25, 2019 18:52:36 GMT
stevebooth: my waders are covering my lucky underpants. Jun 26, 2019 9:03:25 GMT
fredg: Errrrrr, why is Steve wearing waders on his head? Anyone??? Jun 26, 2019 13:46:44 GMT
dvg: That is curious Fred, don't waders ward water away? Jun 26, 2019 19:45:42 GMT
dvg: But then, didn't Steve have a sleeve full of freshly hatched spiderlings... Jun 26, 2019 19:47:06 GMT
dvg: ...and all those yawning hungry maws of his freshly hatched vfts to feed? Jun 26, 2019 19:48:19 GMT
dvg: Egads! No wonder Steve feels compelled to repel the rain! Jun 26, 2019 19:49:18 GMT