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dvg: Fred, are you getting that itch to get back to your model painting again? Oct 29, 2019 16:25:49 GMT
dvg: I've been curious what those little fifers have been up to since we saw them last. Oct 29, 2019 16:27:13 GMT
fredg: Back painting soon Doug Oct 30, 2019 12:00:45 GMT
dvg: Bright crisp sunny day so far... Nov 1, 2019 16:30:42 GMT
dvg: Might have to snap a few plant pics outside later, once the frost melts and if the weather continues to hold 8-) Nov 1, 2019 16:31:52 GMT *
fredg: 'Tis the season that not a lot happens Nov 19, 2019 7:48:21 GMT
dvg: How is the painting going Fred? Nov 19, 2019 15:07:48 GMT
dvg: Will try to get a few pics posted sometime this week Nov 19, 2019 15:12:34 GMT
dvg: Most of the growing now is going on in the southern hemisphere of our spinning blue marble Nov 19, 2019 15:13:53 GMT
dvg: A hobbyist living in NZ, Aus or SE Asia would be a forum asset, right about now Nov 19, 2019 15:16:06 GMT *
fredg: Still waiting to be started Doug Nov 19, 2019 19:46:31 GMT
fredg: It's topical, at least the title is Nov 30, 2019 20:35:37 GMT *
stevebooth: That lady would be fine outside with her mink stole on. I begin to question the gentleman's motives. Dec 3, 2019 11:38:20 GMT
fredg: Surely there's no question, he's merely being protective and caring for her health. Dec 4, 2019 20:33:24 GMT
fredg: I note you don't question the lady's motives in the second part :D Dec 4, 2019 20:34:01 GMT
dvg: "Say what's in this drink?" Dec 5, 2019 22:28:45 GMT
dvg: Dec 5, 2019 22:28:55 GMT
stevebooth: Another lady just graduated from the Arthur Mullard finishing school. Dec 6, 2019 11:36:07 GMT
fredg: Arfur's graduates would never have sunk that low Dec 6, 2019 17:21:20 GMT
fredg: I think this is one of Dr Frankensteins donors, after the brain had been removed Dec 6, 2019 17:23:14 GMT