Cephs getting swamped by moss

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dvg: Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Aug 16, 2020 15:54:11 GMT *
dvg: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum Aug 16, 2020 15:55:38 GMT
dvg: youtu.be/zcUoSzqy2zA Aug 16, 2020 15:56:15 GMT
fredg: This is much more amusing www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVan5q8aHd4 Aug 16, 2020 16:45:32 GMT
dvg: ;) Aug 16, 2020 17:02:05 GMT
stevebooth: The last flower as dropped off the Utricularia renniformis today, quite a show this year. Aug 17, 2020 14:54:06 GMT
dvg: They did very well for you this year Steve; thanks for sharing that video, earlier when they were in full bloomin' mode Aug 17, 2020 16:00:56 GMT
fredg: For some reason it looks like I've run out of storage capacity for rainwater Aug 25, 2020 13:48:50 GMT
dvg: That's a good problem to have - it's better to be looking at it, rather than for it ;) Aug 25, 2020 14:19:51 GMT
fredg: Washed the penultimate bag of Aldi Granite Grit out this morning :-S Sept 2, 2020 17:28:26 GMT
fredg: I stockpiled it when they were selling it off cheap in 2013 Sept 2, 2020 17:31:59 GMT *
fredg: 8-) Sept 2, 2020 17:32:08 GMT
dvg: Ah nice, as i said before, when you need it, it's always better to be looking at it, than for it Sept 2, 2020 18:23:42 GMT
dvg: Does anyone know where summer went? Sept 2, 2020 19:24:54 GMT
dvg: Don't recall a summer ever slipping by this quickly before Sept 2, 2020 19:25:35 GMT
fredg: There are two seasons in Scotland, June and Winter ( The Big Yin) Sept 3, 2020 9:39:04 GMT
fredg: Is Canada much the same? Sept 3, 2020 9:39:19 GMT
dvg: We have all four seasons, all distinct, though winter seems to bleed heavily into spring and fall Sept 3, 2020 14:00:09 GMT
dvg: But because Canada is so large geographically, there are variations on that theme Sept 3, 2020 14:01:24 GMT
fredg: No-one told me that Bird's foot trefoil seed grew like cress 8-) Sept 24, 2020 19:11:13 GMT